An excerpt from Poems and Pen Drawings

A Buddhist Carol

Beyond enlightenment

There is no quest.

Beyond enlightenment

There is no goal.

Beyond enlightenment

Nirvana is illusion.

Beyond enlightenment

Suffering is unfounded.

Beyond enlightenment

Nothing matters

And beyond enlightenment words are just sounds

And sounds are without meaning

In a never ending universe

Where Buddha and Christ shake hands

Bearing gifts of love and contentment

Beneath the trees of eternity

Far beyond the Christmas season.


Author: Alan Swift

As of the beginning of the year 2018 I have been incarnated in this mortal coil for 54 earth years. I tend to have a stoic outlook on life and have tried many spiritual practises, both Eastern and Western in origin. I have a level 3 in counselling skills and run a an informal photography group on a volunteer basis. I also volunteer for a carers group. I have practised meditation for over 30 years and am well read in alternative philosophy and New Age literature. I enjoy films, dogs, eating out, drawing, pass the pencil, walking, technology, shamanic journeying, ACIM, dreamwork, backgammon, and have a cockatiel named Bob. I have been with my fiancée for over 13 years now and still enjoy our relationship.

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