Summary of Life

What can I say that you do not already know? Why should you read this other than to avoid looking at the truth for yourself? Why am I writing this other than to distract myself from the reality of life? Is life too demanding to be faced undiluted? It seems that life is just too hard to be faced and yet is there anything wrong with not facing that which doesn’t need to be faced?

The truth is just that. What is so special about truth, let alone the truth, or any truth and surely one truth will contradict another truth so the truth is not the truth in the end and why should it be? Surely it would be much wiser to seek happiness, or is happiness the truth? The truth is what is born must die and so if one can accept this truth it will not concern oneself. A meditation practice I learnt as a child was on retiring to go to sleep in the evening to review the day and to hand it over to God knowing that one may die in one’s sleep. Some people may not wish to face their mortality but most religious practises are ways of preparing for one’s death. If you are prepared for something you stand a better chance of handling the situation than if you did nothing.

Having said the above, life is about living and to get too concerned about death or the afterlife is to miss this life. Have fun and make plans for your future and remember that today could be your last day on earth so don’t take it too seriously.


Author: Alan Swift

As of the beginning of the year 2018 I have been incarnated in this mortal coil for 54 earth years. I tend to have a stoic outlook on life and have tried many spiritual practises, both Eastern and Western in origin. I have a level 3 in counselling skills and run a an informal photography group on a volunteer basis. I also volunteer for a carers group. I have practised meditation for over 30 years and am well read in alternative philosophy and New Age literature. I enjoy films, dogs, eating out, drawing, pass the pencil, walking, technology, shamanic journeying, ACIM, dreamwork, backgammon, and have a cockatiel named Bob. I have been with my fiancée for over 13 years now and still enjoy our relationship.

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