A Sample of Brother Ignatius

Here’s a sample from my short story, Brother Ignatius:

Brother Ignatius Part 1

“What can you concentrate on that is not an image?” challenged Brother Ignatius, probing the depths of my soul with his penetrating gaze. I had travelled little more than a mile or two to this undiscovered sanctuary, passing it by for years with little more than a casual glance as I continued on my way.
During my adolescence I searched for ‘The Truth’ with a capital T in distant lands and exotic religions, so it came as a surprise to me when I first discovered the ‘Inner Ring’ as I fondly called them. Not much to look at, you probably wouldn’t recognise them simply because of their everydayness they possessed. Down to earth and practical in all situations and always willing to listen and lend a hand.
“What can you concentrate upon that is not an image?” Brother Ignatius’ words played about in my mind. Many moons and seasons had passed since I first ventured into the realms of meditation.
After several attempts upon my own I came to a priest of the Soto Zen school. Full of pride I thought I already had the answers, as it all seemed so obvious that I only trod the path a year later. In the meantime I’d travelled along the winding road of Hinduism which relied heavily on images and despised ‘voidism’ which the devotees I encountered claimed Buddhism taught. All things work for the good and when I returned to Reverend Dogen with an open heart I learnt much. I remember my first steps in meditation with Reverend Dogen. “Images will come and images will go,” he said. “Try not to cling to images neither push them away!” He was like a father to me and more. The truth he taught I discovered was universal, unbounded by creed and dogma, fluid and unfixed, free to those who sought it, provided they made the effort.


We Create Our Reality

Well, not entirely,

It may seem a wild statement, but there is an element of truth in it: We create our reality! We are a cog in the Universe and what some people call God creates Ultimate Reality whilst we colour it with our interpretations of events. This has been expressed in many ways throughout the ages. Epictetus once wrote that it isn’t the events that bother people but their interpretation of them. And Shakespeare in Hamlet said that nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

The law of attraction isn’t a scientific law as such but it has some seeming logic and by human nature we notice what we give attention to. Another way of putting this is what you focus on grows. Focus on the bad in the world and you’ll see it and feel bad. There is negativity in the world, it is true, but there is much to be thankful for too and if we were to contemplate that we would realise that life is a miracle that we have been given for free and it is truly miraculous. You merely have to perceive it and acknowledge it and then you can be thankful. A Course in Miracles poses the question: would you rather be right or happy?

Have a good day!

You’re right from your side and I’m right from mine

I recently did two pass the pencil drawings with my fiancée, Joan Cummings, and realised we were both creating valid compositions but from our own perspectives, as can be seen by inverting the images now shown below.

Dominant hand as seen from my perspective.

Dominant hand as seen from Joan’s perspective.

Non dominant as seen from my perspective.

Non dominant as seen from Joan’s perspective.

So it just goes to show that people can see the same situation in different light which can lead to miscommunication!

What If?

What if I composed

A poem whilst sober,

And edited it

Whilst stoned?


What if I went to skool

To become a fool

Or a lawyer

And ended up

As a politician?


What if I drank

Some herbal tea

Some strange brew

And I woke up with

Bizarre random thoughts

Rattling in my brain?


What if it really doesn’t matter?

Messiah Complex

An addiction unrecognised

I have just started reading a book by Carmen Renee Berry entitled “When Helping You is Hurting Me”. It talks of an addiction to helping others and calls it a Messiah complex. It is more in depth than that and it claims many people who try to help others are doing so to cover up their own pain and find it hard to form relationships on an equal footing, much to their loss. I can see how this affects me in many of my friendships and interactions and life in general. I guess now that I realise what I am doing change is possible. Hard maybe, but possible. I guess at times I forget that life is a game and not to be taken too seriously and that it can be fun.

Is art revealing?

Surely psychologists would have a field day with my artworks trying to analyse them to reveal the deeper hidden meaning whilst many artists would just say that I cannot draw. The sketch in question is merely a selection of random doodles which turned out like nothing on earth, or Saturn for that matter although I personally have not visited the planet so who knows?

How long does the novelty last?


How long does novelty last? I started my blog just over a week ago and was over enthusiastic forging ahead with gusto. I was learning new tricks and tweaking my posts and getting loads of views at first but the visits became less and less as time went on. So is blogging like taking drugs? Both the bloggers and the visitors needing more and more titillation to indulge?

All life is change, but can we become addicted to change? Is everything a drug? Or is it when things get misused that they become a drug? Everyone needs air to survive and yet some people try to get high by adapting their breathing patterns. Everyone needs food to survive but this too can become an addiction.

Is it an issue if a thing is a drug? Thoughts and feelings can become addictive! Just talk to a depressive or an optimist and you will see what I mean. I guess it is that expectation of something different from what is, is the problem and the solution is to accept the facts of the situation and if one doesn’t like them and one has the power to change them to do something about it. And if you are not too sure just grab a beer or phone your dear or bend an ear and talk to a friend before you go round the bend wondering if you’ll go to Heaven. This is it; heaven and hell and all realms in between are here now; we’re not going anywhere, it’s all a state of mind, as a famous poet once said “Some people make a hell out of heaven and others make a heaven out of hell!”