The beauty of diversity

The Fine Art of Pass The Pencil

Pass the pencil at Cafe Nero, Bold Street
Contributing artists were myself, Sean and Carol

The sacred art of pass the pencil was revealed to me by the revered shaman who goes by the name of Peter Fleming. Only requiring the minimum of materials and the cooperation of the chelas involved in this blessed act the disciples bring their own interpretation of the Higher Source to the planet Earth and thus into physical manifestation. Each endeavour is sacred and it cannot be forced. A purification of the ego is needed. If one is intending to produce a commercial work of art it will show in the end result. Above all a sense of fun and playfulness helps with the creative act and it becomes something to look forward to.

Bionic blogging before bedtime

I am new to blogging. Coming from the era of Steve Austin, the six million dollar man, I am a little new to this. Technology has advanced at an exponential rate even over the last ten years, let alone from the days of BBC BASIC and FORTRAN77 back in my university days.

So really am a writer, photographer and self help junkie. I find Albert Ellis really practical, although I am not an atheist. He basically says that we cause much of our suffering by should, must or oughting on ourselves.

Why should I have to go to work?

Why must it be dry when I have a picnic?

Why ought I enjoy myself?

First blog post


This is my introduction to blogging. It is a new venture for me and I am excited to begin a new phase in my life. I hope to reach out to anyone who is wondering what life is all about rather than living it. Life is a gift; it’s up to us to live it.

Today I woke feeling down. I have been on a high for a few days with my newfound writing inspiration but today it just seems like a burden. The initial buzz has gone and worries have returned, none of which really matter that much, it’s just my mind makes them up. I might write some more later but for now I feel lost like a ship at sea in an ocean of ostriches.

The day has progressed and I am still alive. Days come and days go. Moods come and moods go. Some are positive and some are negative. Some linger longer than others. Some are welcome and some are unwelcome. No matter what; all this shall pass. Solace is found when nightfall comes. Whilst one is alive there is still hope. To crave or resent anything will take away one’s peace. The truth of the matter is peace comes and goes, as does enlightenment. Life comes and life goes. Death comes and death goes. It’s all a dance in a dimension beyond the now called eternity where time and space reside in outside the present moment. Sometimes we need to sit it out as we have danced enough that evening but we’ll dance again tomorrow, perhaps with a different partner, perhaps in a different style and a different venue. Tempos and temperaments change and so do we but that’s the beauty of life. Without change there is no life, only death, stagnation and boredom. So embrace change, welcome it and never desire for things to stay the same forever. If every day was a party it would soon be torturous.

Rambling ramblers reluctantly ramble in the rain. Distant despots die desperately despairing of their unfulfilled desires. No matter what we must still go on and if we are still alive we can stand it! Have a good evening!